Musket Smoke

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A new style of a war gaming.

Musket Smoke is a fast-paced (and bloody) tactical turn-based game inspired by Napoleonic warfare. It's a frantic battle between two commander units as they constantly try to maneuver units around each other.

When units lock in melee they become 'dramatically' vulnerable to flanking units, musket fire, and mass death from cavalry charges and various styles of gory artillery hits.

Position and movement is everything, even angles of fire are important as you need to prevent friendly fire (when possible).

- Competitive online turn based (asynchronous).

- Local pass n play.

- Solo training AI.

- Full replay (for online games)

- Player to Player message.

  1. -Tutorials and Videos

  2. -A Cold Week in Naarden.  The online campaign add on piece. (aka - the core game)

Musket Smoke is one of the few proper hex-and-counter turn-based wargame experiences to be had on the iPad.

Video:  60 Second Intro

Try before you buy.  Competitive online Mini Matches, AI, pass-n-play, tutorial, videos - are all free.

If you like the Mini Matches then you will love the Online Competitive Campaign.

(offered optionally as a single in-app purchase). 

With the Campaign you get more: unit types, leaders, objectives, new maps of various sizes with new terrain types, a few persistent units across battles - but this is also a more serious game with limited unit visibility via (line of sight), no undo and the campaign ends the moment your Commander unit is taken out.

This is a massive upgrade from the training and Mini Matches which are mainly designed to teach basic tactics with the 4 base unit types and get you battle ready.

‘A Cold Week in Naarden’ IS Musket Smoke and features several more layers of conflict and options above the base game.  It’s an intense battle between Commander units as they battle across multiple maps collecting elite units along the way for the final showdown in the fortified city of Naarden.’

A new style of war game that revolutionizes strategy wargaming on tablets.